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Backbone link between our Dubai and Fujairah Datacenters down

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Please check or Statuspage for live updates

Identified - Reported link is down due to an ongoing fiber break in the network, we will keep you posted with further updates,
Jul 5, 12:40 GMT+04:00

Investigating - At this moment we are experiencing problems with: Backbone link between our Dubai and Fujairah datacenters down. The result is higher latencies from certain locations. We are investigating the issue.

The cause of the incident is currently: Unknown

We have taken the following actions to resolve the incident: We are currently monitoring the situation and are in touch with our vendor regarding status updates.

Estimated time of repair: No ETR available at this time.

Impact: Due to the current incident on our backbone link between our Dubai and Fujairah datacenters, users between these and surrounding regions may experience increased latency.
Jul 5, 11:27 GMT+04:00

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